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Base oils GR IV (PAO - polyalphaolefins)

Polyalphaolefins (PAO) - synthetic base oils which have universal operational properties, such as high viscosity index, low pour point, the increased resistance to high temperatures, excellent oxidizing stability, etc. They are widely applied in production of transmission, compressor, engine oils, hydraulic fluids and various greases.


Base oils GRIV
Synfluid polyalphaolefins
Synfluid PAO 2    
Synfluid PAO 4    
Synfluid PAO 5    
Synfluid PAO 6    
Synfluid PAO 6 HVI    
Synfluid PAO 7    
Synfluid PAO 8    
Polyalphaolefins of Luvodur PAO brand (heavy PAO)
Luvodur PAO 400 (ПАО-40)    
Luvodur PAO 1000 (ПАО-100)    






*For viewing technical parameters of each oil please press the name of the corresponding oil in the list.

You can download the catalogue of PAOs (polyalphaolefins) in the PDF format here.

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