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We offer a wide range of economically effective linear paraffins and isoparaffins.

The main characteristics of the offered isoparaffins:

  • The products are safe for health and are not toxic.

Isoparaffin liquids show very low levels of toxicity and have excellent features for improvement of indicators of occupational health.

  • Colourless.

These products are “water white” with a Saybolt colour of +30.

  • Mild odour.

The offered isoparaffinic products have no oily smell of solvent-refined fluids.

  • Low temperature fluidity/pour point.

Isoparaffin products of our range are ideal for applications where improved low temperature of fluidity / power point are important.

Please, contact us for individual selection of products and obtaining detailed characteristics.

Typical applications of isoparaffins:

  • Metalworking fluids
  • Aviation hydraulic oils
  • Silicone sealants
  • Specialty combustion materials
  • Household and industrial cleaners
  • Rolling oils and base liquids
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