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Base oils Group III (hydrocracked)
Base oils Group IV (PAO - polyalphaolefins)
High viscosity PAO and metallocene PAO
Alkylated naphthalenes
Naphthenic base oils
Naphthenic insulating / transformer oils
Base oils Group II
White mineral oils
Antifoam additives (defoaming agents)
Depressor additives (PPD)
Viscosity index improvers (VII)
Biocides, emulsifiers and demulsifiers
Sulphurized additives
Thickeners and heavy PAO
Components for heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems (HVACR)
Polyalkylene glycols (PAG)
Alkylbenzenes (AB)
Polyol esters (POE)
Chemical production
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SHRIEVE Chemical Company is a privately owned, independent company based in The Woodlands, Texas, USA, and is the parent company of the Shrieve Group. Today, SHRIEVE represents a growing number of businesses serving a variety of markets, including Industrial & Specialty Chemicals, Oil & Gas and Specialty Lubricants & Products operating at a regional and global reach.

SHRIEVE is a global supplier of specialist lubricants and performance fluids across a wide range of industries. The producer has industry-leading expertise in lubrication technology for the refrigeration and air conditioning market sectors with ZEROL® range of high-performance synthetic lubricants, based on alkyl benzene, PAG and POE chemistries. PROGILINE® products range from high- performance base fluids through to sophisticated synthetic industrial fluids and lubricants offering significant applicational advantages.

SHRIEVE’s Oil & Gas division provides a range of specialist chemistries and products to the oilfield and the producer built a significant reputation within this industry for good service and speed of response around the world. SHRIEVE offers specific services and a tailored product portfolio for drilling, stimulation, completion and production applications to ensure successful and efficient well operations.

Our company FIN EXIM Ltd. is a distributor of SHRIEVE manufacturer. Please get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

  1. HVACR
    1. Stationary
    2. Automotive
  2. Industrial gear lubricants
  3. Gas compressor lubricants
  4. Dielectric fluids
  5. Base fluids
    1. AB
    2. PAG
    3. POE
  6. Automotive fuel additives
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