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Base oils Group III (hydrocracked)
Base oils Group IV (PAO - polyalphaolefins)
High viscosity PAO and metallocene PAO
Alkylated naphthalenes
Naphthenic base oils
Naphthenic insulating / transformer oils
Base oils Group II
White mineral oils
Antifoam additives (defoaming agents)
Depressor additives (PPD)
Viscosity index improvers (VII)
Biocides, emulsifiers and demulsifiers
Sulphurized additives
Thickeners and heavy PAO
Components for heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems (HVACR)
Polyalkylene glycols (PAG)
Alkylbenzenes (AB)
Polyol esters (POE)
Chemical production

We are glad to welcome you on the website of FIN EXIM!

The company exists in the market since 2001. During our work we gained reputation of the reliable partner and the company which carries out individual approach to each consumer taking into account his features and requirements.

Production offered by us includes several groups of goods:

Base oils and fluids (base oils GR II, III, IV and base fluids):

  • base oils GR III (hydrocracked);
  • base oils GR IV (PAO — polyalphaolefins);
  • base oils GR II (mineral);
  • naphthenic base oils;
  • white mineral oils;
  • isoparaffins;
  • polyalkylene glycols (PAG);
  • alkylbenzenes (AB);
  • esters;
  • polyol esters (POE);
  • bases for production of drilling fluids.

Additives and additive packages:

  • additives and additive packages for motor, hydraulic and other types of oils,
  • pour point depressors (PPD),
  • viscosity index improvers (VII),
  • additives for metalworking fluids and industrial oils and lubricants (sulphurised/vulcanised extreme pressure additives, etc.),
  • thickeners (copolymers of olefins, etc.),
  • antifoam additives / defoamers,
  • waxes or forming fluids and rust preventatives and car/floor care,
  • wetting agents for waterborne functional fluids (metalworking and cleaners),
  • thickeners (PUR + Hase Thickeners) and dispersing additives for graphite, boron nitride, bentonites as well as special emulsifiers for drawing/ forming fluids,
  • components for heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVACR),
  • and also concentrates, antifreezes, heavy PAOs and other products.

Base oils GR III YUBASE offered by our company from the number one ranked GR III producer SK Lubricants possess excellent technical characteristics and have all necessary OEM approvals for the most exacting to quality of commodity oils consumers. Our company is the distributor of SK for Russia, the CIS and Baltics.

Our company is an exclusive distributor of the German company MUNZING CHEMIE GmbH on supplies of antifoam additives of the highest quality.

Besides, we carry out import of some components of lubricants, import of chemicals for production of rubber and PVC, export of chemical products and commodity oils.

Characteristics of ready lubricant directly depend on quality of base oil and the used additives. Therefore FIN EXIM is glad to offer production which meets the highest requirements of consumers.

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